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The story of Tesco started in 1919 with a market mall in London and it gradually expanded and gained the trust of its customers with the quality of its products and the convenience of the prices. In 1950s they opened the first supermarket Tesco and today its stores are present in 11 countries, with millions of customers served weekly, in the stores and online. Only in the UK, there are over 3500 Tesco markets, with lot of discounts that can be detected by glancing throughout the Tesco leaflet, always updated on IlikeSales for you.

To offer their clients a great quality with the lowest prices, Tesco created two ranges, Finest and Everyday Value, such as for corn flakes, smashed potatoes, juice drinks, and soft drinks. In the stores you’ll find anything you need for the meals for your family, from the cupboard food, with pasta, rice, cans, to the frozen food, to the daily made bakery, to the high quality fresh food. The wide range of articles also includes lots of products for your health and your beauty, items for your pets and beautiful accessories for your house. Don’t forget also the specific section dedicated to the baby, with everything you need from the first days of maternity to the first years of age.

If you want to locate the Tesco store closest to you and if you want to know its opening times of your Tesco supermarket London, then download our App, to have access to these information in few, easy passages on your phone. Don’t forget to ask for your Clubcard, that will give you the access to several personalised offers, with additional incentives to give you the best clients and don’t forget also that you can easily shop from your house with the Tesco Shop Online, after registering on www.tesco.com .

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