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One of the most loved supermarket in the UK is for sure the Aldi Group’s one. Here you can find a wide selection of products, from groceries to what is called Specialbuys. This section is meant for those who are looking for a special gift in their favourite store, with several exclusive offers for the homewares, electricals, clothing and DIY, with new items released every Thursday and Sunday. Lots of idea of foodie, techies and for your health and your beauty, from the skin care to the toiletries that you can’t just miss. Do you want to know more about its special offers and all the Aldi discounts? Find them all on the online leaflet on Ilikesales, always updated for you.

One of the thing Aldi is famous for is the freshness and the high quality of his grocery, delivered every day to the stores. In the store you’ll find a special range of fruit, vegetable, meat and fish, that made them win the prestigious award Grocer of the Year at the Grocer Gold Awards 2016; among this there’s the unique selection of Exquisite Specially Selected, with the finest products from all over the world, all handpicked to give the customers the best experience possible. In the store you’ll also find, beside the frozen and the bakery, lots of items specific for babies, pets or for your garden, with a variety of plants and flowers.

Do you want to know where your Aldi supermarket uk is? Or do you already know where your Aldi London is located but you need to find out about the opening time? Download our App that will give you all the answers to these questions. Don’t forget also the option of Aldi shopping online: it’s very easy to use and the free standard delivery is free on Specialbuys and all wine, with a delivery within 3-5 working days. If you want your items to arrive earlier or on a named day, then you need to pay a low extra and you can also track your order if you are a registered client.

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