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The Original Factory Shop

The story of The Original Factory Shop tails back to 1969, with the idea of valuing the best quality at the factory shop prices. The stores stock around 1000 items, including famous brands and high street labels, at incredibly low prices, and continue looking for new products, with new offers every week. The stores, more than 200 ones, are present across the country, including small towns, where they aim to become a positive part of the local community. If you want to find out more about the discounts and the offers at The Original Factory Shop, have a glance throughout our online leaflet, updated for your convenience.

In the stores of the chain you’ll find everything you need for you house and your family, starting from a range of beauty products for women, men and kids, including cheap but high quality perfumes. The stores are also the right place if you are looking for furniture to renovate your house, including beds, bookcases, chairs, dining sets, furnishing for the bathroom, without forgetting decorations and accessories to personalize your own space. The other items in the shops relate to garden, electricals, fashion and footwear, with a particular focus on kids and their needs, with lots of toys and bikes.

Are you looking for the shop closest to your house? Download our App on your smartphone, with few, easy passages. You’ll notice how the App helps you also with the opening and closing time of the stores, if you are not using the special online shopping option of the company.

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