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Savers started its adventure as Savers Drugstore in Durham, in 1988 and it was renamed Savers Health and Beauty only in 1996, when it had grown to 28 stores. As the second name points out, the group is specialized in products for the health, the beauty and the house, with the best quality at the lowest prices. At the moment there are around 300 shops across UK, all aiming to offer the customers the best deals on the market, including the branded goods, and if you want to find out more on these special discounts, glance throughout our online leaflet on ILoveSales, what will show you all the promotions for your best convenience.

Are you looking for the new perfume of your favourite brand or you want to test a new beauty cream for your face? At Savers’ you’ll find anything you need to take care of your body, including a wide range of choices for your make up. Besides the items for the personal care, you’ll find lots of products for the household cleaning, from your washing-up to the laundry, with your favourite scents, but also lots of articles to take care of the newborns and toddlers, with the best brands from food to nappies. Don’t forget also the broad range of food, like crisps, sweets and chocolate, and drinks, including alcohol.

Are you looking for the store closest to your house? Download our App to find it in an easy way; it will also keep you updated with the opening and closing time and all the discounts on the products you are most interested in.

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