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Euronics is one of the most popular retailer if you want to shop into the world of technology and, as a recent survey found out, almost all its clients would come back to shop there. To washing machines to refrigerators, from small appliances to televisions, here you’ll find everything you need to make your life easier and to help you technology to give you more leisure time to spend with your family and your friends. With Euronics it is possible to have a free local delivery and to have your own item installed at your house, in the respect of the right of the customer and the contract. Do you want to find more about the world of Euronics and its amazing offers? Have a glance throughout our online leaflet, always updated for you convenience.

Are you looking for the new dishwasher or your hoover just broke and you can’t care of your house as you wished? The stores Euronics have everything you need for the categories of laundry, refrigeration, dishwashing, cooking, floor care, small appliances, TV, blue-ray and audio for your free time. The best brands are waiting for you in the stores, from Samsung, to AEG, Bosch, LG, to give you the best experience possible at the lowest prices.

Are you looking for the store closest to your house? If so, download our App on your smartphone in few, easy steps; it will also help you to find out the opening and closing times easily if you don’t want to use the shopping online option. Don’t forget that by trading in your old appliance you can also get a discount on the new purchase!

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