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About Home Bargains

Home Bargains

Home Bargains has a complete and absolute dedication to the top selling brands with the lowest prices possible for the convenience of its customers. What makes it so unique is the experience of luxury shopping with the prices of a discount retailer. The customers cannot help appreciating the excellent quality and freshness of the items, the friendly service, the positive working environment. Do you want to know more about the amazing discounts of this group? Glance throughout our leaflet, always updated in its online version for your convenience.

With over 400 stores, Home Bargains is one of the fastest growing retailers, not considering how highly rated it is. Here it’s impossible not to find what you need, from toys for kids to the best brands for confectionery, crisps and snacks for your afternoon with friends or for a quick snack. You’ll also find an area dedicated to home heating and fuel, with brazier, logs, sacks of traditional house coal and much more. There is also a great variety of items for your hobbies, including gardening, travelling, sports, art and crafts. The non-food selection continues with electronics, health and beauty, items for babies and for your pets.

Would you like to locate the Home Bargains store closest to your house? Download our App on your smartphone with few, easy passages. It will also inform you about the opening and closing times of the stores, to help you in your shopping. Don’t forget that you can also have your items delivered home thanks to the online shop, with a free delivery for a purchase of more than 50 pounds.

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