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Born in 1970, Iceland is one of the most innovative retailers in the UK. Its new approach to commerce was clear from the beginning, when it started to sell loose frozen food when domestic fridges and freezers were not still commonplace. Now the group owns around 870 stores and it is specialized in freezing the food as soon as it is picked, in order to maintain all the nutrients and flavour, guaranteeing also the provenance of the food and reducing the waste. Are you interested in the quality of Iceland and its offers? Give a glance throughout our online leaflet, always updated for you on ILoveSales.

Many of the products at Iceland won an award for their exceptional quality, in different categories. One example is the Italian antipasti selection, with luxury salami and ham, or the wide range of meat, from the whole British turkey, flavoured with orange and butter, to more exotic dishes like lamb moussaka or the oriental chicken Penang. In the stores you’ll find also all the kind of fish you’d like for you meals, like luxury salmon, sea bass en papillote fillets, lobster tails, with the addition of several vegetable sides to pick from, without forgetting the loaf of bread and something sweet to treat yourself.

If you are looking for the store closest to your house, you can download our App on your smartphone, and it will also help you with the opening and closing times of the shop. Don’t forget to ask for your Bonus Card, that will give you lots of benefits, including the possibility to win the cost of one of your shops and free deliveries at home over the 20£.

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